DIMENSION CP10 Series DIN Rail Power Supplies

PULS' 240 W DIN rail power supplies provide low cost of ownership due to long lifetime and space-saving design

Image of PULS CP10 Series Din Rail Power Supplies PULS' DIMENSION CP10 series 240 W DIN rail power supplies provide low cost of ownership to the customer thanks to high efficiency, long lifetime, and space-saving design. The CP10 power supplies feature electronic inrush current limitation, active PFC, wide operating temperature range, and extraordinarily small size. PULS provides a variety of output voltage options for the CP10 series in 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, and 48 V.

All devices have a power reserve of 20% included, which may be used continuously up to +45°C. High immunity to transients and power surges as well as low electromagnetic emission and a DC-OK relay contact are standard features. The CP10 series also comes with a large international approval package and complies with the demands of hazardous locations such as Class I Division 2, IECEx, and ATEX.

The broad product range of the CP10 series includes solutions for a wide variety of application requirements. It is equipped with conformal coated PCBs, ensuring long-term and reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions such as high air humidity and high concentration of conductive particles in the environment (e.g. dust particles). It also features quick-connect spring-clamp terminals, making it optimized for a fast and tool-less installation. This connection technology is preferred for applications which are exposed to mechanical vibration or heavy shock. The extended DC input range of the CP10 series allows an input voltage of DC 110 V to 300 V (±20%). Additionally, the CP10 is also available with an integrated decoupling function. This feature allows users to realize 1+1 and n+1 redundancy systems without additional redundancy modules. Benefits include significant space and cost savings and reduced complexity of the redundancy systems. Customers can choose from two terminal options: removable plug connectors (CP10.241-R2) or quick-connect spring-clamp terminals (CP10.241-R1).

  • Wide input range: 100 VAC to 240 VAC
  • Width: 39 mm
  • Efficiency up to 95.5%
  • Excellent partial load efficiency
  • 20% output power reserves
  • Easy fuse breaking: 3 times nominal current for 12 ms
  • Safe HiccupPLUS overload mode
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Minimal inrush current surge
  • Full power between -25°C and +60°C
  • DC-OK relay contact
  • Current sharing feature for parallel use
  • 3-year warranty

CP10 Series Din Rail Power Supplies

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAC Voltage - InputVoltage - Output 1Available QuantityView Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240WCP10.241AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240W85 ~ 264 VAC24V0View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 192WCP10.121AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 192W85 ~ 264 VAC12V0View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 240WCP10.481AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 240W90 ~ 264 VAC48V16 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2017-02-10