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Image of Fox Electronics' K135 Tuning Fork
K135 Tuning Fork

Fox's K135 is the smallest miniature watch crystal available, measuring just 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm with a very low profile of 0.9 mm.

Image of TDK Corporation's B3237 series of EPCOS MKD 3-phase capacitors
B32377/B32378 Series of EPCOS MKD 3-Phase Capacitors

TDK Corporation's B32377/B32378 series of EPCOS MKD 3-phase capacitors for filter applications feature a current capability up to 60 A.

Image of Excelitas Technologies PYD 2792 DigiPyro®
PYD 2792 DigiPyro® Motion Detector

Excelitas Technologies' PYD 2792 PIR sensors are for motion and presence detection with lowest power requirements.

Image of Nordic Semiconductor nRF52833 Bluetooth® 5.1 SoC
nRF52833 Bluetooth® 5.1 SoC

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52833 SoC has a Bluetooth® 5.1 direction finding capable radio.

Image of Traco Power's TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE Series
TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE Series DC/DC Power Converters

TRACO Power's TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE series of 40 W industry standard 2” x 1” DC/DC converters maximize performance, reliability, and cost efficiency.

NXP Rapid IoT Kit against background of Interconnected Nodes
IoT Platforms

Need a comprehensive, secure, power-optimized IoT solution? Check out NXP’s SLN-RPK-NODE, the latest IoT Prototyping Kit supported in the DK IoT Studio!

CML Multilayer Chip Capacitors - Stackpole
CML Multilayer Chip Capacitors

Stackpole’s CML series of MLCC chip capacitors offers a wide range of capacitance and voltage ratings in C0G, X7R, and Y5V dielectrics.

Image of Texas Instruments' BQ25619 Single-Cell Buck Battery Charger
BQ25618/619 I2C-Controlled 1.5 A Single-Cell Buck Battery Charger

Texas Instruments' BQ25618/619 single-cell battery charge and power-path management devices are ideal for applications such as wearable accessories.

Image of Linx Technologies Splatch® SP610 Embedded LTE/Cellular IoT Antenna
Splatch® SP610 Embedded LTE Cellular IoT Antenna

Linx Technologies’ Splatch® SP610 is a surface-mount, monopole antenna for embedded LTE and cellular IoT applications.

Image of Renesas/IDT's Edge Computing for Security Systems
Intelligent Security Systems using Edge-Computing

Renesas/IDT's intelligent security solution provides superior data processing through edge-computing for applications such as audio/video surveillance.

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's T3DSO1000 Series Oscilloscopes
T3DSO1000 Series Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy's T3DSO1000 oscilloscopes feature two- and four-channel models with a user-friendly front panel design.

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA2834 Voltage-Feedback Op-Amp
OPA2834 Rail-to-Rail Out, Negative-Rail In, Voltage-Feedback (VFB) Op-Amp

Texas Instruments' OPA2834 voltage-feedback op-amps are ideal for battery-powered and portable applications where low power consumption is crucial.

Image of Texas Instruments' TLV4041 Open-Drain Comparator
TLV4041 Open-Drain Comparator with Reference (Non-Inverting, Push-Pull)

Texas Instruments' TLV4041 high-accuracy open-drain comparators are ideal for monitoring voltages and currents in portable, battery-powered devices.

Image of Omron's F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtains
F3SG-SR Safety Light Curtain

Omron's F3SG-SR series safety light curtain allows manufacturers to comply with safety standards while ensuring full protection for equipment operators.

Image of TE Amp's zSFP+ Stacked Interconnects
zSFP+ Stacked Interconnects

TE's zSFP+ stacked interconnects transfer data rates at up to 56 Gbps PAM-4 while offering high faceplate density for data centers and networking applications.