830M1 Embedded Triaxial Accelerometer

TE’s 830M1 accelerometer provides critical sensing abilities that are desired in health monitoring applications. The 830M1 has a wide bandwidth (up to 15kHz) and small size/low profile ideal for space sensitive designs.

7/9/2021 2:02:36 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
TRIAXIAL, 50G, TRAY830M1-0050TRIAXIAL, 50G, TRAY0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 100G, T/R830M1-0100-T/RTRIAXIAL, 100G, T/R0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 200G, TRAY830M1-0200TRIAXIAL, 200G, TRAY0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 500G, T/R830M1-0500-T/RTRIAXIAL, 500G, T/R0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 2000G, TRAY830M1-2000TRIAXIAL, 2000G, TRAY0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 2000G, T/R830M1-2000-T/RTRIAXIAL, 2000G, T/R0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 1000G, T/R830M1-1000-T/RTRIAXIAL, 1000G, T/R0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 1000G, TRAY830M1-1000TRIAXIAL, 1000G, TRAY0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 200G, T/R830M1-0200-T/RTRIAXIAL, 200G, T/R0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 100G, TRAY830M1-0100TRIAXIAL, 100G, TRAY0View Details
TRIAXIAL, 25G, TRAY830M1-0025TRIAXIAL, 25G, TRAY0View Details