Maxim MAX16930 and MAX20002 | Digi-Key Daily

Maxim Integrated’s MAX16930 and MAX20002 series of switching regulator ICs and controllers provide longer battery life, generate less heat, and require less board space when compared to other options. These automotive-temperature-grade DC to DC devices can handle a broad range of applications, such as point-of-load, distributed DC power systems, and navigation units. The MAX16930 and MAX16931 are high-voltage, synchronous step-down controllers that can operate from input voltages of 2 volts to 42 volts. The MAX20002 and MAX20003 are small, synchronous buck converters with integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs designed to deliver up to 2 amps with input voltages from 3.5 volts to 36 volts.

10/13/2017 4:57:27 PM