- ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, is a leading provider of UHF RFID modules, finished RFID readers, development tools and design services. ThingMagic RFID readers support demanding high-volume applications deployed by some of the world's largest industrial automation firms, manufacturers, healthcare organizations, retailers, and consumer companies. The company’s consulting, design, and development services assist customers with the integration of auto-identification and sensing technologies into everyday products and solutions.

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Elara RAIN® RFID Finished Reader

ThingMagic Elara supports autonomous workflows, permitting rapid creation of solutions without RFID expertise nor the use of SDKs and integration tools. Learn More

EL6e Smart Module

ThingMagic EL6e supports autonomous workflows permitting rapid creation of solutions without RFID expertise. Learn More

Nano UHF RFID Module

ThingMagic Nano delivers the smallest form factor with very low power consumption and is ideal for battery operated, low cost, form-factor portable readers. Learn More

M6E-Micro RFID Reader

An small embedded RFID reader optimized for applications which require reading small tag populations from ThingMagic. Learn More

M6e RFID Reader

ThingMagic's M6e RFID reader is small in size, but offers the performance standard of a full-size reader and speeds up time-to-market. Learn More

M6E-M Micro RFID Reader

ThingMagic offers form-factor, efficiency, RF power, and flexibility make it useful for embedding UHF RFID in hand-held devices. Learn More

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How To Choose The Best RFID Tag For Your Application Webinar

How To Choose The Best RFID Tag For Your Application Webinar

JADAK Medical RFID Anti-Counterfeiting

An Information video on anti-counterfeiting systems using RFID technology. The example illustrates how RFID can provide powerful anti-counterfeiting solutions to combat product forgery specific to medical consumables.

Reagent Authentication with RFID webinar recording

In today’s rapidly changing medical testing environment, laboratory processes are becoming more efficient through the use of sophisticated diagnostic instruments, increased automation, and other commercially available technology.

RAIN RFID Healthcare

RAIN RFID a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology. It connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling healthcare businesses and their consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each item.

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