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- TE Connectivity Corcom, formerly Tyco Electronics Corcom is a market leader in RFI technology. Products are manufactured, stocked, and distributed through a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, warehouses, test facilities, stocking distributors, and sales offices.

At Corcom, we've dedicated 60 years to developing RFI filter technology for electronic devices. We're proud that our focus on the design and production of the highest quality products has made Corcom a market leader in RFI technology. Since 1955, Corcom has been providing solutions to leading computer, industrial and telecommunications companies. Products include: Power Line Filters, Power Entry Modules, Signal Line Filters, Facility Filters, DC Filters, and Accessories.

Corcom Overview

TE Corcom RFI Filter Technology

TE Connectivity Corcom Filters is a world leader in EMI/RFI filtering solutions with over 50 years of experience developing Corcom RFI filter technology for electronic devices. Learn More

Medium Performance P Series

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom Medium Performance P Series

TE Connectivity has expanded the Corcom P series power entry modules to include a medium performance filter option. Learn More

FB Series Power Line Filters

Image of TE Connectivity's FB Series Power Line Filters

TE Connectivity's FB power line filters have an ambient temperature of 50°C, have strong differential mode performance, and are compact in size. Learn More

Featured Products

Image of TE Connectivity's CU Series Power Entry Modules

CU Series Power Entry Modules

The CU series of power entry modules fills the need for smaller versions of switched inlet filters and unfiltered power inlets. This series provides power entry for equipment designed for popular 1U (1¾ inches) height equipment racks. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom SB Series Line Filters

Corcom SB Series Line Filters

TE Connectivity SB series of power line filters joins the Corcom product family of EMI/RFI filter products. The SB series of AC/DC rated power line filters is an enhanced version of the popular Corcom B series filter with improved common and differential mode performance. Learn More

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Lighting Solution Types

TE offers a large variety of products and components to meet the demands of light fixtures, retrofit lamps, power to luminare, and other lighting applications. Learn More

RFI Filter Technology

Corcom HZ power line filters from TE have low leakage current which allows them to comply with medical industry standards. Learn More

IH Series IEC Inlet RFI Filters

TE Connectivity's Corcom IEC inlet RFI filter IH series enables manufacturers to comply with the IEC 60601-1 Standard Class II requirements by providing 2x MOPP construction (two means of patient protection). Learn More

EJT Series Power Inlet Filters

TE has improved the performance of the Corcom EJT series IEC inlet filters for high-frequency applications by extending the flange around the IEC320-C14 inlet. Learn More

APH and APS Series Power Line Filters

TE Connectivity Corcom has expanded the offering of 3-phase filters with high-current models ranging from 250 A to 1600 A. Learn More

Modular Jack Connectors

TE Connectivity's comprehensive single-port modular jack connectors are designed for the data communications market, suiting applications that require performance in high-speed networking. Learn More

Tools & Support

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom EMI/RFI Filters

Quick Reference Guide: Corcom EMI/RFI Filters

TE Connectivity offers over 300 solutions for EMI/RFI problems associated with susceptibility, as well as compliance with international emissions standards. Corcom filters are available in a wide range of single and 3-phase designs as well as IEC inlet and power entry modules which can combine several functions to reduce cost, space and labor. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom Technical Notes and Appendices

Corcom Technical Notes and Appendices from Current Catalog

TE Connectivity has established itself as a world leader in RFI technology by introducing the first line of catalog filter products over 40 years ago. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom Safety Agency Approvals

Corcom Safety Agency Approvals and File Numbers

Corcom filters from TE can help control those EMI signal issues and are recognized worldwide with approval from major safety agencies, including UL, CSA and VDE. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom M Series

M Series - Fuse Holder Technical Note

Step by step instructions for removal of the M Series fuse holder. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom Power Entry Module

Power Entry Module Selector

Corcom Power Entry Module Selector Chart featuring unfiltered and filtered types with additional options. Learn More

Image of TE Connectivity's Corcom RFI Power Line Selector

RFI Power Line Selector

Is the Primary Purpose of the Filter to Attenuate Conducted Radio Frequency Interference Coming into Equipment or Coming out Equipment? Learn More

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Corcom FB Series Publish Date: 2013-05-15

TE's Corcom filter products ensure that customer applications comply with agency requirements for the emissions of Electromagnetic Interference.

Duration: 5 minutes
SRB Power Line Series Publish Date: 2011-11-07

Pairing small depths and a complete shield design with various capacitance values result in various levels of protection and minimizes conducted emissions.

Duration: 5 minutes
RK Series Power Line Filters Publish Date: 2011-11-07

Compact, high performance, and low leaking current single stage, chassis mount power line filter whose application span across many industries.

Duration: 5 minutes
P Series Power Line Filter Publish Date: 2011-11-07

Compact power entry modules with multiple installation/termination styles and are used in applications such as consumer electronics and medical equipment.

Duration: 10 minutes

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TE Connectivity Corcom P Series Power Entry Module Filter - Fuse Replacement | Another Geek Moment

A demonstration of how to remove a fuse from TE Corcom's P-series single fuse holder. Knowing your power source makes it easy! TE Connectivity Corcom products are available at DigiKey.

TE Connectivity’s 3D Intelligent Building

Discover the broad range of application and product solutions that TE offers to solve your interconnect challenges.

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