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- Nordic Semiconductor is at the forefront of this wireless revolution having single-handedly pioneered the ULP wireless sector during the 1990s. Today, due in large part to Nordic's persistent efforts to continually develop, enhance and expand the reach of ULP wireless, a version of ULP wireless connectivity called Bluetooth low energy has now been adopted by the open standards group behind Bluetooth wireless technology: the Bluetooth SIG. As such, Bluetooth low energy will shortly appear alongside classic Bluetooth in almost every new cell phone and Bluetooth-enabled device.

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nRF52833 Bluetooth® 5.1 SoC

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52833 SoC has a Bluetooth® 5.1 direction finding capable radio. Learn More

nRF5340-PDK Dual-Processor

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF5340-PDK is an ideal SoC for professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications. Learn More

Nordic Thingy:91 Cellular IoT Prototyping Kit

Nordic Semiconductor's Nordic Thingy:91 multi-sensor cellular IoT prototyping kit is ideal for asset-tracking and short-range wireless applications. Learn More

Iot Platforms

The Nordic nRF52840-DK has four buttons and LEDs, and is Bluetooth compatible. It is a great option for wearables, smart homes, and other applications. Learn More

BMD-330 Bluetooth 5 Module

Rigado’s BMD-330 provides a complete RF solution allowing faster time-to-market with reduced development cost and provides full use of the nRF52810. Learn More

nRF52811 Bluetooth® 5.1 SoC with Comprehensive Protocol Support

Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52811 Bluetooth® 5.1 SoC with comprehensive protocol support is built around a 64 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU. Learn More

Tools and Support

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Nordic’s primary source of technical documentation and solution updates. Learn More

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A community of more than 25,000 developers and a dedicated team of application engineers for Nordic technical support. Learn More

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Explore Nordic’s official GitHub account. Learn More

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ULP Wireless Quarter

Download the latest digital edition of Nordic Semiconductor’s quarterly technology magazine. Learn More

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SparkFun Artemis Module and Nordic Thingy:91 New Product Discoveries Episode 204 | Digi-Key Electronics

Ashley Awalt, Technical Content Developer at Digi-Key Electronics, presents New Product Discoveries.

Nordic Semiconductor - Nordic Thingy:52 Radiostream Demo

Joakim shows you how to stream Internet radio with our Nordic Thingy:52™ via a Raspberry Pi using Node.js.

Introducing The Nordic Thingy:91 Cellular IoT prototyping platform

This webinar provides an overview of Nordic Semiconductor's latest prototyping platform for cellular IoT applications.

Unbox and get your Nordic Thingy:91 up and running

Thingy:91 is an easy-to-use battery-operated prototyping platform for cellular IoT using LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS, based on nRF9160 SiP.