Mueller Electric Co.

- Today, as we look back over the accomplishments of nearly 100 years in business, we reflect on many of those great Mueller moments in history and take pride in our heritage. We are proud to be key suppliers to the automotive, electronic, electrical, telecom and specialty markets and look forward to continuous growth in these dynamic sectors and other industries. Today, still privately held and controlled by a descendent of the original founder, Mueller continues to focus on development and quality. We are well prepared to meet industry's changing needs in the decades ahead.

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Insulated Stackable 4 mm Banana Plugs

Mueller’s BU-3110410-x are fully insulated, stackable, 4 mm banana plugs intended to be used with CoolFlex45 10 AWG wiring. Learn More

Grounding Cables

Mueller's cable clamps provide a solid metal to metal connection, producing a solid, safe ground which meets or exceeds OSHA safety requirements. Learn More

EZ Squeeze Clips

Mueller Electric’s patent-pending EZ Squeeze clip has the same clamping pressure as the model BU-21 automotive clip but only requires 1/4 the force to open it. Learn More

Coolflex45 BU-2323-10 Series

The Coolflex45 BU-2323-10 cable series are 10 AWG with a highly flexible silicone jacket with ratings of 600 V, 45 Amps at 105°C. Learn More

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How to Properly Crimp an Alligator Clip to a Wire

Many people don't know the right way to properly crimp an alligator clip onto a wire. This video shows the right way and wrong way to do it and why.

3 Different Ways to Attach an Alligator Clip onto a Banana

This video shows 3 different ways to attach an alligator clip. Different people have different preferences, needs, or applications. This video demonstrates how to DIY attach a fork terminal with a screw, soldering and crimping.

How to Solder a Banana with an External Set Screw

No Soldering Required! How to attach a wire to a banana plug with an external set screw. This is an application that is great for installation in the field where soldering isn’t an option or permitted.

How to Solder a Banana to Keep the Tips from Cracking

If the plastic tips on your Mueller BU-32603 banana plugs are cracking when you solder them, follow this video guide.