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- Johanson Technology was formed to specifically focus on RF, microwave and optical markets. With a highly experienced design team, we produce superior high frequency ceramic solutions through optimization of ceramics, inks and RF circuit designs. Our focus on high frequency has enabled JTI to provide products with exceptional high frequency performance. We have received certification to the ISO9001-2000 standard.


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Integrated Passive Components Publish Date: 2010-04-23

Johanson Technology has developed a line of small, highly reliable RF ceramic components manufactured with a proprietary LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) process.

RF Ceramic Chip Inductors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

High frequency multi-layer chip inductors feature monolithic body made of low loss ceramic and high conductivity metal electrodes.

Multi-Layer High-Q SMD Capacitors Publish Date: 2012-06-29

Johanson Technology's multi-layer ceramic capacitors offer the lowest ESR and highest Q ratings in their class.

Miniature RF Ceramic Chip Antenna Publish Date: 2016-10-04

Johanson Technology’s miniature RF ceramic chip antennas are made using low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology which has the ability to embed low- and high-dielectric constants inside their antenna.

Zero-Clearance Metal-Mounted SMT Antenna Publish Date: 2016-10-10

Johanson Technology’s zero-clearance metal-mounted antenna is designed for small coin cell, IoT, 2.4 BLE, wearable, ISM, Zigbee, and 802.11 applications in close-range networks.

IoT/ISM Band Component Development Kit Publish Date: 2017-08-01

Johanson's IoT/ISM component development kit solves and satisfies today’s connectivity challenges by offering a complete ”one-stop” kit for the most popular RF chipsets and application solutions in the industry.

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Inductor Coupling Effects, Reduction and Orientation Schemes Publish Date: 2011-11-07

Reduce coupling by facing orientation marks in the same direction. Thus, the performance consistency and complete system yield from board to board will improve.

Duration: 5 minutes
EIA 1111 Silver Series S42E MLCCs Publish Date: 2011-11-21

Silver Series S42E High Q MLCCs advantages include high temperature dissipation, high dielectric stability, low ESR, and competitive pricing.

Duration: 5 minutes
RF Capacitor Modeling Software Publish Date: 2011-11-21

The MLCsoft interface allows the user to select one of six MLCC sizes plus other part variables and displays the complete Johanson part number.

Duration: 5 minutes
RF Ceramic Chip Antennas Publish Date: 2011-11-21

Explanation of application and theory of chip antennas, general antenna layout considerations and guidelines, and antenna selection criteria.

Duration: 15 minutes

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Dialog and Johanson New Product Discoveries with Randall Restle Episode 11

Randall introduces a Bluetooth 5 development kit from Dialog Semiconductor and 2.4GHz antenna from Johanson Technology.

Johanson Technology 2.4 GHz Chip Antenna

Scott from Digi-Key explains the unique features of Johanson’s 2.4 GHz chip antennas.

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