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- Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Playing a critical role in the formation of the global LED industry, the company is rapidly ascending to become a leading supplier due to its dedication to certification, R&D, production, quality, marketing and global customer service. Everlight provides a diverse product portfolio consisting of High Power LEDs, Lamps, SMD LEDs, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Optocouplers and Infrared Components for various applications. Today, Everlight is a global company with over 6,400 employees based in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Sweden, U.S., and Canada.

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IR Series High-Power LEDs

Everlight’s LEDs are molded in water clear silicone and feature a spherical top view lens. Learn More

5630 LED Series

Everlight's 5630 series brings industry-leading performance and reliability to mid-power LEDs for the lighting market. Learn More

2835 LED Series

Everlight Electronics' 2835 series is a compact device which allows for design freedom and provides a superior overall system solution. Learn More

UVA Series LEDs

Everlight Electronics' UVA series LEDs are ideal for applications including UV sterilization systems, UV photo-catalysts, and UV sensor lights. Learn More

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Lighting 5630 HE Series

EVERLIGHT breaks through technical barriers to provide its highest efficiency product ever. The 5630 HE KK7D (0.2W) achieves 210-220 lm/W (5000K) and excels with a tight 3SDCM ellipse binning for maximum color consistency.

Everlight Electronics Corporate Video

EVERLIGHT has over 34 years of R&D experience for reliable capability. With immediate service and an excellent brand reputation, EVERLIGHT has taken top five worldwide in the competitive LED market.

Lighting 2835 Series

With a fabulous low Dollar per lumen ratio, 2835 package has been the most popular product among all EVERLIGHT lighting packages. It is also a highly versatile package that can accommodate a wide range of wattages and voltages.

Everlight Electornics Lightnings

Everlight products are manufactured and packed in-house to guarantee maximum quality and service.

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