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Chip Quik, Inc.

- Chip Quik®, Inc. is the manufacturer of the new patented Chip Quik® SMD removal kit. This innovative method of removing SMD's (surface mounted devices) at a safe low temperature has revolutionized the printed circuit board rework industry.

Chip Quik®, along with its partner Proto Advantage offers solder paste, solder wire, tacky flux, removal kits, SMT to DIP adapters, SMT to SIP adapters, and breadboards.


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Image of Chip Quik's Thermally Stable Solder Paste

Thermally Stable Solder Paste

Chip Quik solder paste is good past its quoted shelf life, regardless of refrigeration. The solder paste is manufactured using Made in USA high quality synthetic flux and precision atomized metal powder.

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Image of Chip Quik's 1 lb. Solder Spools

1 lb. Solder Spools

Chip Quik's 1 lb. solder spools are unique to the industry since they use Chip Quik’s 4300 no-clean water-washable synthetic flux as the flux core.

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Image of Chip Quik's Conductive Paint

Conductive Paint

Chip Quik’s conductive paint can be applied by dot dispensing, line dispensing, stencil and squeegee, or with a paint brush.

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Image of Chip Quik's Adapters, Breadboards, and Accessories

Adapters, Breadboards, and Accessories

Chip Quik offers a full line of breakout adapters for connectors and ICs, pitch changers, and solder-in breadboards under the Proto-Advantage brand name.

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Image of Chip Quik's Patent Pending Two Part Mix Solder Paste

Patent Pending Two-Part Mix™ Solder Paste

Chip Quik offers a Patent Pending Two-Part Mix™ solder paste. This unique solder paste has a 24 month shelf life either refrigerated or unrefrigerated before mixing.

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Image of Chip Quik's Solder Paste in 50g Jars

Solder Paste in 50g Jars

Chip Quik 50g jars of solder paste are ideal for small jobs or hobbyist users.

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Chip Quik’s Conductive Low Resistance Paint

Watch a complete circuit made with Chip Quik’s New Conductive Paint.

Chipquik SMD Removal Procedure

This video show how to remove a IC using Chip Quik removal alloy and flux.

Chip Quik’s - Patent Pending Two-Part Mix Solder Paste

Learn about the benefits and features of Chip Quik’s - Patent Pending Two-Part Mix Solder Paste

Surface Mount Pin Soldering of SMT to DIP Adapters

This video shows how to use the unique pin technology for SMT to DIP Adapter boards.

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