Cal Test Electronics

- Cal Test Electronics has been making a wide variety of electronic accessory and test products since 1995. Their product offering is being brought on as a supplement to our test instrument lines with over 3000 products in 7 major connection categories. As a sister company to B&K Precision, they have a symbiotic relationship. Cal Test Electronics will be able to provide customers with a wider variety of connections as well as custom test cable assemblies in low volumes for bench testing and prototyping.

Test Lead Builder

Image of Cal Test's Test Lead Builder

Can’t find the right test lead? Build your own test lead with Cal-Test’s Test Lead Builder. Choose the connections, wire type, gauge, length, and color to suite your application. Request a quote and place and order. Custom test leads are built to your specifications quickly and accurately. Learn More

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High Voltage Differential Probes

Introducing new Elditest brand High Voltage Differential Oscilloscope Probes from Cal Test Electronics.

Test Lead Builder

A short video on how to use Cal Test Electronics "Test Lead Builder" feature to design your own custom test leads.

High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes

Cal Test Electronics introduces a new line of High Voltage Oscilloscope Probes. They feature input voltage from 8 to 39 kV.

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