Designing in DLynx POL

ABB Embedded Power

This presentation will cover some of the steps that should be taken when designing in a point of load DC/DC converter into a finished product. The features and benefits offered by ABB's DLynx point of load modules will also be covered.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of OutputsAvailable Quantity
DC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 16.5WPVX003A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 16.5W10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5VPDT003A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5V10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 33WPVX006A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 33W10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5VPDT006A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5V10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 66WPVX012A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 66W10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 110WUVT020A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-5.5V 110W10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5VPDT012A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.45-5.5V10View Details
DC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5VUDT020A0X3-SRZDC DC CONVERTER 0.5-5.5V10View Details
PTM Published on: 2012-07-02