For Those Who Need ControlThe Highest Power Density Bus Converter Module

High Voltage Bus Converter Module

Vicor’s VI Chip High Voltage BCM Bus Converter 6123 offers extremely- high power density in a compact, efficient package. With up to 1.75 kW at 50 V with 98% peak efficiency and power density of 2750 W/in3, the isolated, fixed-ratio power converters deliver 5X the power density of competing solutions.

Digital telemetry and control capabilities are available as an option for both 1.2 kW and 1.75 kW modules. This PMBus-compliant digital interface option gives system designers access to the internal controller, enabling digital communication with an array of VI Chip BCM Bus Converters via a single bus for control, configuration, monitoring and other telemetry functions. Standard BCM features include bidirectional operation, under- and over-voltage lockout, as well as over-current, short circuit, and over-temperature protection. The Vi Chip BCM Bus Converter 6123 enables efficient, high voltage DC distribution infrastructure in datacenter, telecom, and industrial applications.

Control Interface Options

  • Simple Analog
  • Full featured PMBus™

High Power Density

  • Up to 2,750 W/in3 (167 W/cm3) at 1.75 kW
    in a 2.2 in2 (14.5 cm2) footprint

High Efficiency

  • Up to 98%


  • 4242 VDC

Fast Response Time

Low Noise

Protection features

  • Under-voltage and over-voltage lockout
  • Over-current protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection

BCM Bus Converter Typical Application


Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Order Online
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1102-5345-ND BCD380P475T1K2A30 380VIN BCM DEMO 48VOUT 1200W Buy Now
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380VIN BCM BUS CONV 48VOUT 1750W Buy Now
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