SmartPro Line-Interactive Rack/Tower UPS Systems

Tripp Lite's SmartPro rackmount/tower UPS systems protect against all types of power problems

Image of Tripp Lite's SmartPro Line-Interactive Rack/Tower UPS SystemsTripp Lite's SmartPro rackmount/tower UPS systems provide more battery backup (up to 5000 VA) and premium features in compact cases (as slim as 1U), which make the best use of available rack space.

SmartPro rackmount/tower UPS systems are available in a wide variety of capacities to protect every size of computer application from downtime, damage, and data loss due to power problems. Furthermore, these systems protect against all types of power problems, including brownouts, blackouts, surges, and line noise. Line-interactive operation, also known as automatic voltage regulation (AVR), automatically regulates the incoming voltage to keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) and high voltage conditions indefinitely without draining battery power. SmartPro rackmount/tower UPS systems provide reliable battery power to keep computers up and running through short blackouts and allow enough time to save data and shut down during longer ones. In addition, all AC outlets are backed by internal surge suppression and line noise filtering components to protect equipment from damage due to lightning and surges or malfunctions and poor performance due to line noise.

Prioritize the uptime of mission-critical loads during a power failure with switched outlet banks featured on select models. Switched outlet banks can be controlled independently through PowerAlert. Use PowerAlert to reboot a locked-up computer by cycling the power on and off to select outlets on the UPS system. Customers can also program PowerAlert to shut down less important systems during an extended blackout, preserving battery runtime for critical equipment.

  • Adapt all models from rackmount to tower or stacking applications
    • Removable rack hardware
    • Optional base stands

SmartPro Line-Interactive Rack/Tower UPS Systems

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPower - RatedAC OutletsBackup Time - Max LoadAvailable QuantityView Details
UPS 500VA 300W 7OUT W/SOFTWARESMART500RT1UUPS 500VA 300W 7OUT W/SOFTWARE500VA / 300W7 (6 UPS, 1 Surge Only)3 minutes3 - ImmediateView Details
UPS 600W 6OUT RACKMNT W/SOFTWARESMART750RM1UUPS 600W 6OUT RACKMNT W/SOFTWARE750VA / 600W6 (UPS)5 minutes27 - ImmediateView Details
UPS 1KVA 800W 6OUT RACK MOUNTSMART1000RM1UUPS 1KVA 800W 6OUT RACK MOUNT1kVA / 800W6 (UPS)4 minutes17 - Immediate
508 - Factory Stock
View Details
UPS 1.5KVA 1000W 8OUT RACK MOUNTSMART1500RM2UUPS 1.5KVA 1000W 8OUT RACK MOUNT1.5kVA / 1000W8 (UPS)7 minutes71 - Immediate
900 - Factory Stock
View Details
UPS 3KVA 2250W 9OUT RACK MOUNTSMART3000RM2UUPS 3KVA 2250W 9OUT RACK MOUNT3kVA / 2250W9 (UPS)4 minutes2 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2019-12-20