Solid State Lighting

TE Connectivity introduces its solid state lighting solutions

Image of TE Connectivity's Solid State LightingTE Connectivity is a leader in the development of next generation solid state lighting (SSL) solutions. From outdoor luminaires to commercial refrigeration, new technologies drive lighting innovation. Whether you are creating a new system or enhancing an existing design, TE provides a wide range of energy-saving solutions.

Title Description
Multi-Channel Photocontrol Receptacles Provide a standardized connection between the photocell and the dimmable luminaire with this ANSI compliant receptacle. Achieve ease of integration into new or existing light fixtures with pre-terminated receptacle and wire leads. Learn More
Low-Voltage Pivot Power RJ45 Connectors Reduce cable cost by utilizing two conductor 18 AWG cable versus 8 conductor cat5 data grade cable. Simplify the wiring process by combining RJ45 positions into two 18 AWG wires. Learn More
ITB Card Edge Connectors & Inverted Poke-in platform Save time and cost by eliminating secondary SMT assembly processes with the ability to process the ITB connectors at the same time as all other PCB components. Minimize LED light obstruction and shadowing with low profile connector design. Learn More
High-Power Inverted Thru Board SMT Connectors Enable a power connection from the underside of an FR4 or aluminum-clad PCB. Prevent LED light emission interference with a low profile height of 2 mm. Learn More
SlimSeal SSL Connectors Design for various lighting and control applications with 1, 2, 3, and 4 position sizes. Achieve system protection with IP67 seal rating permitting use in outdoor and commercial refrigeration lighting applications. Learn More

Mini Hermaphroditic Connector System

Enable quick assembly, minimize inventory, and lower production costs with connectors that mate and un-mate to themselves horizontally and vertically. Connect data and control signals with 2, 4, and 6 position versions. Learn More
Low-Profile SMT Releasable Poke-In Wire Connectors Ensure product reliability during wire insertion and removal with integral robust wire release mechanism. Support higher connection variations, minimize part number inventory and lower production costs with side by side stackable design. Learn More
LUMAWISE LED Holders Type Z50 Simplify installation with snap-in LED retention, securing the LED to the holder before mounting. Save time with poke-in wire connection, eliminating the need to solder to the LED. Learn More
Published: 2015-04-13