RFI Suppression Chokes

Schaffner EMC features their RN series current-compensated chokes and EV/EH series common-mode suppression chokes

Image of Schaffner's EMC RFI Suppression Chokes

RN Series Current-Compensated Chokes

Schaffner's RN chokes attenuate common-mode or asymmetric (P/N -> E) interference signals by being placed in series with the phase and neutral lines of an AC power input. Symmetrical components of the noise are also attenuated by the leakage inductance of the windings. These chokes are typically used in conjunction with suppression capacitors.

Features Applications
  • High saturation resistance and excellent thermal behavior
  • Through-hole pin connections
  • Dual-choke configuration
  • Small compact design
  • Multiple housing options
  • Phase-angle control circuits in combination with saturating chokes
  • EMI input filters
  • For suppressing equipment with no earth connection
  • Suppressing high interference levels

EV/EH Series Common-mode Suppression Chokes

Common-mode suppression chokes are mainly used to filter noise on AC power lines. Noise from commercial power lines often enters equipment and disturb the proper function. Also, noise generated by equipment such as switching-mode power supplies needs to be filtered and suppressed. Common-mode suppression chokes are combined together with line bypass capacitors building an AC EMI suppression filter device.

Features Applications
  • Rated currents up to 5 A
  • Compact and light weight
  • Low magnetic leakage flux
  • Sectional winding
  • Standard foot print
  • Broad range of available inductances and current ratings
  • Input filters for switching mode power supplies
  • Filters to reduce leaking noise
  • TVs, VCRs, multimedia and audio equipment
  • Office automation, communications and other electronic devices
  • Electric ballast
  • AC/AC converters

RN Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CMC 12MH 300MA 2LN THRN202-0.3-02-12MCMC 12MH 300MA 2LN TH10659 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 3MH 1A 2LN THRN102-1-02-3M0CMC 3MH 1A 2LN TH7863 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.6MH 1.5A 2LN THRN102-1.5-02-1M6CMC 1.6MH 1.5A 2LN TH3081 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.1MH 2A 2LN THRN102-2-02-1M1CMC 1.1MH 2A 2LN TH2806 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 700UH 4A 2LN THRN212-4-02-0M7CMC 700UH 4A 2LN TH10904 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 700UH 4A 2LN THRN112-4-02-0M7CMC 700UH 4A 2LN TH9031 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 15MH 600MA 2LN THRN112-0.6-02-15MCMC 15MH 600MA 2LN TH5845 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 27MH 800MA 2LN THRN114-0.8-02-27MCMC 27MH 800MA 2LN TH11866 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 3.3MH 2.5A 2LN THRN114-2.5-02-3M3CMC 3.3MH 2.5A 2LN TH7422 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 6.8MH 1.5A 2LN THRN214-1.5-02-6M8CMC 6.8MH 1.5A 2LN TH5367 - ImmediateView Details

EV Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CMC 5MH 3A 2LN THEV28-3.0-02-5M0CMC 5MH 3A 2LN TH6940 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 20MH 1.5A 2LN THEV28-1.5-02-20MCMC 20MH 1.5A 2LN TH765 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 11MH 2A 2LN THEV28-2.0-02-11MCMC 11MH 2A 2LN TH458 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 9MH 3A 2LN THEV28-3.0-02-9M0-XCMC 9MH 3A 2LN TH141 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 820UH 2A 2LN THEV20-2.0-02-0M8CMC 820UH 2A 2LN TH8278 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 33MH 300MA 2LN THEV20-0.3-02-33MCMC 33MH 300MA 2LN TH614 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 2.5MH 2A 2LN THEV24-2.0-02-2M5CMC 2.5MH 2A 2LN TH506 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 3.6MH 5A 2LN THEV35-5.0-02-3M6CMC 3.6MH 5A 2LN TH0View Details
CMC 3.3MH 1.2A 2LN THEV20-1.2-02-3M3CMC 3.3MH 1.2A 2LN TH664 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.2MH 3A 2LN THEV24-3.0-02-1M2CMC 1.2MH 3A 2LN TH387 - ImmediateView Details

EH Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
CMC 4.5MH 1.5A 2LN THEH24-1.5-02-4M5CMC 4.5MH 1.5A 2LN TH3795 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 3.5MH 4A 2LN THEH28-4.0-02-3M5-XCMC 3.5MH 4A 2LN TH450 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 11MH 2A 2LN THEH28-2.0-02-11MCMC 11MH 2A 2LN TH338 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 90MH 1A 2LN THEH35-1.0-02-90MCMC 90MH 1A 2LN TH242 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 75MH 1A 2LN THEH28-1.0-02-75M-XCMC 75MH 1A 2LN TH483 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 15MH 2A 2LN THEH28-2.0-02-15M-XCMC 15MH 2A 2LN TH400 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 27MH 1.5A 2LN THEH28-1.5-02-27M-XCMC 27MH 1.5A 2LN TH289 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 9MH 3A 2LN THEH28-3.0-02-9M0-XCMC 9MH 3A 2LN TH168 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 3.3MH 1.2A 2LN THEH20-1.2-02-3M3CMC 3.3MH 1.2A 2LN TH450 - ImmediateView Details
CMC 1.2MH 3A 2LN THEH24-3.0-02-1M2CMC 1.2MH 3A 2LN TH974 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2009-07-07