MOSFET Solutions for 48 V Automotive Systems

ON Semiconductor's MOSFET solutions for 48 V automotive systems feature low RDS(ON)

Image of ON Semiconductor's MOSFET SolutionsON Semiconductor's automotive MOSFETs are available in a range of package options, including TO-leadless and DPAK. The devices offer compact and efficient solutions with high power density and a reduction in conduction losses.

80 V Automotive MOSFETs:
ON Semiconductor’s family of 80 V automotive-qualified MOSFETs provide high power density and robustness, addressing the size and efficiency needs of 48 V systems. Advanced silicon and packaging technology are combined to provide the extremely low RDS(ON), improved figure of merit (FOM), and lower power dissipation to address evolving efficiency standards. ON Semiconductor’s PowerTrench® MOSFETs with shielded-gate technology have resulted in very low switching losses without requiring external snubbers.

100 V Automotive MOSFETs:
ON Semiconductor’s family of 100 V power MOSFETs are available in a 5 mm x 6 mm SO-8FL package designed for compact and efficient designs with high thermal performance.  The devices offer best-in-class FOM, which enables high efficiency and low power dissipation.

PowerTrench® MOSFETs in TO-Leadless Packaging:
TO-LL technology offers an extremely low device resistance, footprint, and enables exceptional EMI behavior.  This technology is now offered in a range of voltage options specifically designed and qualified for automotive applications.

The combination of ON Semiconductor’s latest PowerTrench shielded gate trench technology along with the TO-LL package gives ON Semiconductor’s leadless MOSFET products low RDS(ON). In addition, superior silicon technology and package design results in excellent switching and EMI performance. Compared to other discrete packages, the number of parallel MOSFETs needed in high-current applications can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated, leading to overall lower system costs.

80 V Automotive MOSFETs 100 V Automotive MOSFETs
  • Reduced QG: low switching loss using ON Semiconductor’s shielded-gate technology
  • Low RDS(ON)
  • Superior switching performance
  • Power56 (5 mm x 6 mm) thermally-enhanced packaging
  • Low QG provides a reduction in switching losses
  • Low RDS(ON)
  • Soft switching
  • Wettable flank option available
PowerTrench® MOSFETs in TO-leadless packaging
  • High efficiency
  • Small package
  • Reduced system cost

100 V Automotive MOSFETS

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
NVMFS6B14NLWFT1G datasheet linkMOSFET N-CH 100V 11A DFN5NVMFS6B14NLWFT1GMOSFET N-CH 100V 11A DFN50NVMFS6B14NLWFT1G product page link
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Published: 2017-03-31