InfoVue™ 105°C LCD Display

Lumex's high/low temperature LCD modules serve in a wide variety of markets and applications

Image of Lumex's InfoVue™ 105°C LCD DisplayGo extreme with Lumex’s InfoVue 105°C LCD display for LCD design technology. High/low temperature LCD modules are designed especially for products required to function under the most strenuous conditions. Lumex’s unique LCD design capability for high/low temperature modules provides up to a 50% saving in technology costs and 70 to 80% power reduction over other traditional display technologies. Lumex’s high temperature LCD modules are ideal for OEM designers that require consistent display performance despite the extreme heat.

In addition to the Lumex’s family of standard high/low temperature LCD modules, additional modules can be developed utilizing Lumex’s high temperature technology based on customer requirements. High temperature LCDs can be developed in any size ranging from 8 x 1 character displays up to a 320 x 240 graphic display.

  • Offering temperature ranges from -40°C to 105°C
  • Provides high-resolution
  • Available in an 8 x 1 character display
  • Wide variety of color choices
  • Available in 2 types of image displays
  • Consistent cold and hot start LCD performance
  • High-duty daylight visibility
  • Up to 320 x 240 graphic display
  • Can be paired with LED backlights
  • Positive or negative image display
  • White goods
    • Refrigerators
    • Washers
    • Dryers
    • Ovens
  • Medical
    • Portable medical, diagnostics
  • Transportation
    • In-dash displays for consumer automotive
    • ATVs
    • Marine

InfoVue™ 105°C LCD Display

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionDisplay FormatAvailable Quantity
LCD 2.5 DGT TN REFL OP W/PINSLCD-A2X1C50TRLCD 2.5 DGT TN REFL OP W/PINS2.5 x 15367 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 4 DGT PNL TN REFL OP W/PINSLCD-A401C39TRLCD 4 DGT PNL TN REFL OP W/PINS4 x 12482 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 0.52LCD-A401C52TRLCD 0.52" 4DGT TN REFL OP PINS4 x 10View Details
LCD .39LCD-A401C39TFLCD .39" 4DGT TN TRNSFL OP PINS4 x 15 - ImmediateView Details
LCD 0.71LCD-A401C71TRLCD 0.71" 4 DGT TN REFL OP PINS4 x 10View Details
LCD 0.50LCD-A3X1C50TR/ALCD 0.50" 3.5 DGT TN RFL OP PINS3.5 x 12074 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2015-07-21