SMR Radar Sensor Series (SMR 3x4)

InnoSenT GmbH's SMR-334/314 compact motion radar sensors are designed for home and building automation devices

Image of InnoSenT GmbH's SMR Radar sensor series (SMR 3x4)InnoSenT GmbH's SMR series comes in an ultra-compact design to ease integration even in the smallest space available. The 24 GHz sensor employs the radar’s movement detection for contactless and automated control of technical devices or systems. A low duty-cycle pulse mode is available to aid power consumption in low-power applications.

As the first pick-and-place device radar module, the sensor is suitable for high-volume production, which is an important request in the home and building automation market. The units are available on tape-and-reel and can be handled in a standard SMT process. No additional manual processing is required. This results in high product quality at low cost.

The SMR series includes four different product versions. The SMR 334/314 products are the FMCW version for the detection of moving and stationary objects. They additionally provide distance and presence information.

These two product types are available with different antenna patterns by the same interface. These product variants come with a different field of view. While the SMR-314 has a wide antenna design, the SMR-334 has a narrow and short-range antenna design.

The SMR-333/313 sensors are the CW version that measure velocity and detect the direction of moving objects. An evaluation kit allows hassle-free implementation and configuration of the module.

SMR Evaluation Kit User Manual

SMR Software Package

  • Motion detection
  • Surface-mountable
  • Delivered on tape-and-reel
  • UART interface available
  • K-band based VCO sensor
  • Transceiver works in 24 GHz ISM band
  • FMCW radar
  • Low power consumption
  • Velocity measurement
  • Direction detection
  • Distance measurement
  • Presence detection
  • Moving and stationary object detection
  • Integrated low-noise amplifier
  • Integrated prescaler for easy frequency control
  • Easy integration
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • The SMR series is certified and approved according to FCC Rule 15C, RED Article 3.2, and IC RSS-210 Issue 8
  • Motion detectors
  • Light controls
  • Touchless switches
  • Building automation
  • Home automation
  • Triggers for intrusion alarms
  • Intelligent device controls
  • Speed controls
  • Smart homes

SMR Radar Sensor Series (SMR 3x4)

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SMR-314 RADAR MODULE80.00000342SMR-314 RADAR MODULE735 - ImmediateView Details
SMR-334 RADAR MODULE80.00000347SMR-334 RADAR MODULE1087 - ImmediateView Details

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Published: 2020-02-11