IMD-3000 Radar System

InnoSenT's radar system IMD-3000 for touchless switch applications

Image of InnoSenT 's IMD-3000 Radar SystemThe InnoSenT IMD-3000 radar system detects a hand movement in the immediate vicinity of the antenna, enabling the non-contact control of various technical devices. As a proximity radar, it is ideally suited for use as a touchless switch. It reliably detects a hand or a finger that is approaching the antenna.

The IMD-3000 has an integrated signal processing unit that converts the radar signal into a digital trigger (DSP board). It outputs the signal (trigger) via an open collector output. The product uses a CW modulation and detects the movement and presence of objects. This prevents the radar from triggering incorrectly for example from movement caused by shielding, cross-traffic, or longer presences in the detection area.

The radar system has a potentiometer for setting the detection range. It can be set between 5 cm and 15 cm for the detection of a hand.

Thanks to robust radar technology and built-in filter functions, the system can also be used in a challenging environment. The radar is insensitive to weather, temperature, and light conditions and is ideal for outdoor use. Darkness, rain, snow, wind, dust, moisture, exhaust gases, and dirt do not cause any problems for the IMD-3000. Maintenance is not necessary.

Its operating temperature is between -40°C and +85°C. The system also reliably detects the movement of the hand when the user habitually touches the switch or only uses one finger. If the user wears gloves or a sticker covers the antenna, the performance of the system is not impaired.

The wide supply voltage range between 4 volts and 30 volts offers the customer more flexibility when connecting to the existing circuit of the technical system. The radar operates in the 24 GHz frequency band, which allows worldwide use.

The narrow design of the radar system enables users to retrofit the radar component into existing infrastructure. Thanks to the compact format, integration into small or flat technical products such as light switches is also possible. The IMD-3000 can be easily attached on the antenna side with double-sided adhesive tape. It can be connected directly via an industry-standard JST connector. This user-friendly equipment simplifies the integration and use of sensor technology.

The system is also available with holding functionality. With the help of presence detection, it simulates the continuous pressing of a button. This allows for the individual filling and needs-based filling of a liquid, for example as used by beverage dispensers. The radar system is an ideal non-contact alternative to pushbutton switches.

Its equipment opens up a wide range of applications. The user can control a specific technical function by hand. Instead of pushing a button, it activates the manual control element without touching it. This offers comfort and hygiene benefits to the end-user. The IMD-3000 can be used, for example, for contactless, manual control of a door opening or a light. The radar system also replaces pushbuttons and switches for triggering a parking ticket, operating a machine, or operating sanitary facilities.

IMD-3000 Radar System

  • Radar-based proximity switch developed as a touchless switch
  • 24 GHz radar system for the detection of hand movements
  • Integrated signal processing unit
  • Operating temperature between -40°C and +85°C
  • CW radar modulation detects movement and presence
  • Wide supply voltage ranges from 4 V to 30 V for flexible integration
  • Small design suitable for retrofit in existing infrastructures
  • Non-contact alternative for push-button switches
  • Reliable performance without restrictions even in rain, darkness, cross-traffic, dirt, or stickers
  • Detected radar signal serves as a digital trigger for coupled switching systems
  • Detection range about 10 cm
  • Output of the signal via open collector output
  • Connection possible via JST industry-standard plug
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Detection also works when wearing gloves or accidentally pressing a button
  • Non-contact controls
  • Contactless operation
  • Digital, contactless triggers
  • Non-contact light switches
  • Switches
  • Push-buttons
  • Machines
  • Dispensers
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Manual door openers
  • Ticket machines
  • Vending machines
  • Automats
  • Proximity switches
  • Motion detectors
  • Presence detectors
  • Building automation
  • Home automation
  • Industrial applications

IMD-3000 Radar System

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Published: 2020-10-14