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Hirose offers a Wire-to-Board, Wire-to-Wire power connector series named after the tiny, yet industrious and energetic insect; the EnerBee name represents the concept of this product family - compact size with high-end performance.

In addition to superior performance, small size and the ability to work with high-current devices, the EnerBee line offers connectors with a positive lock mechanism for use in a variety of applications, including the demanding areas of LED lighting, office equipment, medical devices, robotics, home electronics, servers, battery storage, automotive, and industrial power supply and power sources.

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DF33C Series Wire-to Board, for Internal Power Source

DF33C Series
  • Pitch: 3.3 mm
  • Pin Count: 2 to 6 for single row, up to 12 for double row
  • Current rating: 4 A to 5 A depends on configuration and wire size
  • Wire size: 20 – 22 AWG
  • Secure lock mechanism
  • Incorrect mating prevention
  • Supports resin sealing
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DF63 Small Wire-to-Board Connector up to 15 Amps

DF63 Series
  • Pitch: 3.96 mm
  • Variations: 1 to 6 positions in straight, right angle, and in-line
  • 15 Amps with #16 AWG
  • Applicable cable: #16 and 18 AWG
  • High reliability with multi-contact point
  • Secure mating and clear tactile click
  • Accepts resin sealing up to 5 mm height
  • Will be UL and TÜV certified
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DF22 Series, Wire-to-Board

DF22 Series
  • 7.92 mm contact pitch
  • Varieties: 1-5 pos. right angle and straight type
  • Current capacity: Max. 30 A with 10 AWG cable
  • 4-point contact structure
  • Different keying types and colored housings (red, white, black)
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DF60 Series, Wire-to-Board for Power Supply

DF60 Series DF60 Series, Wire-to-Board for Power Supply
  • 10.16 mm pitch
  • 45 Amps high current capacity with AWG #8, 1 position
  • Accepts AWG #8-12 cable size with 1-6 positions
  • 5-point contact with independent contact springs
  • Connection style varieties: straight, right angle and in-line
  • Keying variations available
  • UL and TÜV certified
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EM35M Series, Power Supply Connector

EM35M Series
  • 4 positions
  • 30 A for 10 AWG and 50 A for 8 AWG wire size
  • Wire size: 8, 10 AWG
  • Customizable keying to prevent mis-mating
  • Three-phase power source + ground
  • Attachment styles; DIN rail, panel mount
  • Sequential mating
  • TÜV, UL certified
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