1455NHD Series Aluminum Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing introduces its 1455NHD series aluminum enclosures, designed to house PCBs and discrete components

Image of Hammond Manufacturing's 1455NHD Aluminum EnclosuresThe latest addition to the popular 1455 series of extruded aluminum enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing is the 1455NHD, which features six integral heat dissipating fins in the extrusion profile, providing enhanced cooling capability for when high thermal loads are expected from the housed equipment.

Designed to house PCBs and discrete components, the 1455NHD is sized to accept the popular 100 mm x 160 mm single Eurocard, which mounts horizontally into one of seven slots in the body of the enclosure. The removable flat metal end panels secure the PCB into the enclosure and can be easily machined with the required apertures for indicators, switches, and connectors. The two piece body has a removable plate in the base which gives good access to the interior, and both the top and base have large flat areas that give plenty of room for component mounting. Also extruded into the body are six internal and two external T-slots running the length of the enclosure. The external ones accept two removable mounting flanges for easy wall, shelf, or bulkhead mounting; the internal ones can be used for mounting components using fixings that slide in to the slot. The enclosure is available with a clear or black anodized finish.

  • Designed to house PC boards or equipment
  • Easy wall mounting or shelf mounting with two removable flanges
  • Sized for 100 mm wide Eurocard PC boards
  • PC boards mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body
  • Two piece body with easily removable belly plate for easy access to top interior of enclosure
  • Extruded body and aluminum endplates with a choice of either clear or black anodized finish
  • Includes eight (8) assembly screws - either clear or black assembly screws to match enclosure panels & body. NOTE: Recommended screw torque is 5 lbf/in

1455NHD Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
BOX ALUM BLACK 6.31455NHD1601BKBOX ALUM BLACK 6.3"L X 4.37"W112 - ImmediateView Details
BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 6.31455NHD1601BOX ALUM UNPAINTED 6.3"LX4.37"W11 - Immediate
27 - Factory Stock
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Published: 2015-07-24