4th Quarter Select Products

The newest Select Products from Analog Devices and Digi-Key

Image of Analog Devices' 4th Quarter Select Products (click for full-size)The Select Products offered by ADI and Digi-Key are the newest products targeted for the widest variety of applications. Supported by evaluation boards, development kits, design tools and technical information, the Select Products are highlighted to help you identify the best parts to get your design to market fast.

4nd Quarter Select Products
Analog Devices
Part Number
AD8338  3 mA, Low Frequency to 18 MHz Variable Gain Amplifiers (VGAs) Learn More Buy Now
ADA4661-2 / ADA4666-2  18 V, 725 mA, 4 MHz CMOS RRIO Op Amps, with Built-in EMI Protection Learn More Buy Now
AD9683  14-bit 250 MSPS ADCs with JESD204B Subclass 1 Outputs Learn More Buy Now
ADAS3023  16-bit, 8-Channel Simultaneous Data Acquisition System Learn More Buy Now
AD7960 / AD7961  5 MSPS PulSAR® Differential ADCs Learn More Buy Now
ADL5544 / AD5545, ADL5610 / ADL5611  Broadband 30 MHz to 6 GHz RF/IF Gain Blocks with Matched 50 Ω I/Os Learn More Buy Now
ADN4604 / ADN4605 / ADN4612  Asynchronous Digital Crosspoint Switches Learn More Buy Now
Published: 2013-12-06