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By The Hacksmith

The Hacksmith: Making an Arc Reactor With Arduino

The arc reactor is the device that powers all of Iron Man’s suits and various gizmos. Hacksmith Industries has been working on their own working Iron Man suit over the last few years, and many fans have requested an arc reactor project. This arc reactor doesn’t supply limitless power, but it supplies enough electricity to charge phones and power other small devices. See how it was made in the video below.


How Does It Work?

If somebody made an arc reactor that works like the ones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’d hear about—they would win a Nobel Prize and completely solve the world’s energy problems. The concept of the arc reactor doesn’t work in real life because it violates the Law of Conservation of Energy. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transferred. The arc reactors in the MCU are essentially perpetual motion machines, which don’t work.

Instead, this arc reactor is powered by a 3.7V LiPo battery. An Arduino Pro Mini is used to control the circuit. Relays are used to control the outputs of the high voltage modules. 10 high voltage transformers that produce around 80,000V each produce a total of around 800,000V. This is enough power to sustain an arc of electricity in the air to travel around the arc reactor’s circumference.

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