The Raspberry Pi 4 Just Got a Little Cooler

11/30/2020 | By Nate

Users of the Raspberry Pi 4 will be blown away by the cool new product announced today by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is a truly fan-tastic design!

Okay, so puns aside, the new Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan is designed to keep your Pi running cool and happy, even under the heaviest processing loads. As you’ll recall, when the Pi 4 launched it was touted as being powerful enough to be a full PC replacement. Many users demand a lot of computational power from their PCs as they’re watching 4K streams, rendering graphics, calculating the digits of π beyond 31 trillion digits, etc., and all those calculations come with a thermal load that must be dissipated.

While a PC computer case may have multiple fans, the Raspberry Pi has generally been able to keep it’s cool through natural convection, however with the quad-core 64-bit processor of the Pi 4 crunching numbers at 1.5GHz, or higher if you choose to overclock, it has been getting downright toasty for some power users. Especially so if you decided to wrap your Pi in the beautiful aesthetics of the official Pi 4 case… until now!

The new case fan fits right inside your official Raspberry Pi 4 case and provides 1.4 CFM of refreshing airflow to keep your Pi running cool as a cucumber*. The fan is temperature controlled and plugs onto the Pi header for power. Plus, it’s accompanied by an 18 mm x 18 mm x 10 mm heatsink with self-adhesive pad to aid in transferring heat from the processor. Overall, this addition to your Pi 4 will keep your processor, memory, and power management ICs nice and comfy and ready for the most demanding tasks.

*Cool as a cucumber is not a specific claim of performance. Coolness of cucumbers may vary greatly based on environmental factors or individual personality. YMMV.