New Product Discoveries - MAG Layers and Silicon Power Industrial’s SSDs

In this New Product Discovery, Digi-Key is highlighting MAG Layers and two series from Silicon Power.

MAG Layers’ mission is to develop world-class components. Currently, Digi-Key carries products from MAG Layers in the filter, inductor, and transformer categories. Featured is the RT series of discrete pulse LAN transformers. These surface mount devices are currently available as 10/100 or 1000 Base-T type with an inductance of 350 µH. MAG Layers has plenty more to offer, so be sure to check out their inventory lineup next time you’re on Digi-Key’s website.

Next are the MSA350 and MDA350 series from Silicon Power Industrial. These compact solid state drives (SSDs) provide a plethora of desirable features in the M.2 2242 form factor. Other desirable features include 64/96-layer 3D NAND flash technology, 3K program/erase cycles, AES-256 encryption and TCG Opal 2.0 support, among many others.

Both of these products are innovative examples of the quality product Digi-Key carries. They are in stock and available at

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