Build an Expandable IoT Environmental Monitoring Solution with BeagleBone in 60 Minutes

BeagleBone is a single board computer that offers low power consumption and a robust set of features that have earned it a reputation as a leading hardware platform for developing IoT commercial and industrial applications. Its integrated flash memory can store the operating system, software and data without the need for external flash cards that can be lost or damaged. BeagleBone’s multiple I/Os also make it easier for developers to attach it directly with multiple sensors and peripherals simultaneously without the need for cooling.

These combined features can make BeagleBone an attractive cost-effective option for prototyping and building IoT environmental monitoring solutions that can help organizations to increase the efficient use of resources while enhancing safety and reducing operational costs.

In the article “Universal Environmental Monitoring using the BeagleBone Black and IoT Sensors”, Machinechat’s Daryl Miller demonstrates in six easy steps (and about one hour), how to transform a BeagleBone board into an expandable environmental monitoring solution that can be easily adapted for applications ranging from greenhouses to data centers.

This project can be completed with hardware, sensors and software that can be purchased for approximately $120.

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Daryl has more than 30 years of experience in developing emerging IoT networking and software technologies. He has authored multiple articles and lectured on topics involving embedded systems, IoT, software, engineering tools, computer graphics and networking. He has had a passion for computers and electronics since he was able to hold a soldering iron.

Prior to joining Machinechat as head of platforms, Daryl was vice president of engineering at Lantronix, where he was responsible for the development of many of the company's key product innovations. Earlier he spent 14 years at Tektronix and held several roles within the Microcomputer Development Products (MDP) and Video and Networking (VND) divisions.

Daryl holds a bachelor's degree in information systems, a master's degree in business administration and several patents. These days, when Daryl isn't spending time thinking up new ways to apply Machinechat's software. He spends his spare time camping, hiking, cooking and exploring wineries in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and Shiba Inu.

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