DM164128: 2 Capacitive Keypads & Slider Panel


The PICDEM Touch Sense 2 Demo Board provides a simple platform for developing a variety of capacitive touch sense applications. Despite a simple and low part-count design, the Touch Sense 2 board shows how to implement USB-enabled touch applications with multiple outputs using a single microcontroller.

The USB connection supplies both communications and power to the board; no additional external power supply is needed. For independent operation, the demo board may be disconnected from the PC and powered at test points for independent functionality.

The PC side application that accompanies the demo board allows users to monitor the performance of the touch sensors and calibrate their response. A separate, 6-wire programming interface allows users to replace the pre-programmed demo firmware with their own applications, using Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment and In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™). This allows the board to also be used as a test bed for capacitive touch sense solutions.


Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Category Sensor Solutions
Sub-Category Capacitive Sensing
Eval Board Part Number DM164128-ND
Eval Board Supplier Microchip Technology
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Number & Type of Sensors Directional & Numeric Keypads, 1 Slider
Features GUI / Design Software
USB Interface
Application / Target Market White Goods
Component Count + Extras 121 + 4
Design Author Microchip Technology
Voltage In 5 V
Sleep Mode Current [Maximum]
Main I.C. Base Part PIC24F
Quiescent Current [Maximum]
Sleep Mode Current [Typical]
Quiescent Current [Typical]
Date Created By Author 2008-01
Date Added To Library 2012-09