DRV8843EVM: 1 Stepper or 2 Brushed DC, 2.5A/Phase @ 8 ~ 45V


The DRV8843 provides an integrated motor driver solution for printers, scanners, and other automated equipment applications. The device has two H-bridge drivers, and can be used to drive two DC motors, one stepper motor, or other loads. The output driver block for each consists of N-channel power MOSFET’s configured as H-bridges. The DRV8843 can supply up to 2.5-A peak or 1.75-A RMS output current (with proper heatsinking at 24 V and 25°C) per H-bridge.

Separate inputs to independently control each half of the H-bridge are provided.

Internal shutdown functions are provided for over current protection, short circuit protection, under voltage lockout and overtemperature.


Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Category Motor Control
Eval Board Part Number 296-29087-ND
Eval Board Supplier Texas Instruments
Eval Board Board not Stocked
Voltage In 8 ~ 45 V
Number of Motors and Type 2, DC Brush Motors
1, Stepper Motor, BiPolar
Power / Current Out 2.5 A
Features GUI / Design Software
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Thermal Protection
Under Voltage Protection, Brown-Out
Component Count + Extras 52 + 42
Application / Target Market Printer, Plotter
Design Author Texas Instruments
Main I.C. Base Part DRV8843
Date Created By Author 2011-04
Date Added To Library 2017-10

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