SSRMP Series Solid-State Relays | First Look

TE Connectivity is now introducing their Potter & Brumfield Solid State Relays (SSR) that are ideal for silent, fast switching with a long electrical life. The SSRMP model adds a panel mount option to the SSR range of products. Conventional electromechanical relays make a characteristic “clicking” sound when switching. They require consideration of the mechanical wear on internal moving parts and have a slow response to control signals on the order of seconds. Solid state relays, such as the SSRMP, have response times as low as 100 microseconds and practically no limit on the number of switching cycles. An input signal to an SSR switches the output from a non-conducting state to a conducting state, switching the load circuit on and off. Electromechanical switches use a magnetic circuit for the intermediate signal to achieve galvanic isolation between the input and output. SSRs differ from electromechanical switches in that they use optoelectronics, capacitive connection, and electrical field coupling for the intermediate signal. This allows for an inherent resistance to vibration, shock, silent switching, and immunity to contaminants such as dust and gas. These solid state relays come in a standard “mini puck” package that offers exceptional electrical performance with line voltages of 240 and 480 Volts AC and switching ratings up to 25 amps RMS in a small form factor of approximately 22 by 22 by 15 millimeters. 7 This compact size provides customers space saving options while the quick connect terminals on the SSRMP offer easy installation. The SSRMP input side is a standard 4 to 32 Volt DC across all output ranges. This limits part numbers based on input voltage conditions and enables easy inventory management for customers. Made of UL 95-V1 grade engineering plastics and Aluminum clad for heat dissipation, these solid state relays have a UL approval and CE certifications and conform to multiple IEC and EN standards for solid state relay performance, insulation for low voltage systems, fire hazard testing, and safety requirements for clamping units. With an operating temperature ranging from –30°C to + 80°C, the SSRMP solid state relays are ideal for motion, heating, and power control applications in systems such as solenoids, valves, HVAC, plant machinery and power supplies.

8/30/2021 4:32:53 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,10A,480VAC,SSRMP-480D10RSSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,10A,480VAC,247 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,25A,240V ASSRMP-240D25SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,25A,240V A250 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,10A,240V ASSRMP-240D10SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,10A,240V A188 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,10A,480V ASSRMP-480D10SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,10A,480V A248 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,25A,480V ASSRMP-480D25SSRMP SERES,MINI PUCK,25A,480V A248 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,16A,480VAC,SSRMP-480D16RSSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,16A,480VAC,247 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,16A,240VAC,SSRMP-240D16RSSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,16A,240VAC,210 - ImmediateView Details
SSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,25A,480VAC,SSRMP-480D25RSSRMP SERES,MINI PUK,25A,480VAC,493 - ImmediateView Details