LRS-200/LRS-350 Series Power Supplies | Datasheet Preview

These AC-to-DC, single-output, enclosed-type power supplies are well suited for miniaturization and energy conservation of today's marketplace. Offered in 200-Watt and 350-Watt versions, the 30 millimeter ultra-low profile allows designers to take advantage of limited-space systems. Additionally, the less than 0.75 Watts of no-load power consumption permits systems to easily achieve requirements of low-power consumption. Selectable by a switch, these units accept either 90 to 132 Volts-AC or 180 to 264 Volts-AC. And while the LRS-200 model is cooled by free air convection, the LRS-350 version employs forced air cooling using its built-in cooling fan. Other features include a working efficiency up to 90%, 5G vibration tolerant, and have a power-on LED indicator.

12/14/2020 7:26:12 PM