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5 minutes
Differential Output Oscillator
Quartz based oscillators' specifications, benefits, applications, and manufacturing processes are discussed.
5 minutes
Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator, TCXO
Choosing the appropriate TCXO and highlighting the TCXO manufacturing process.
5 minutes
MEMS Oscillator
What a MEMS oscillator is, how to choose the right device, and the manufacturing process.
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About TXC Corporation

Founded in 1983, TXC established itself as a leading product manufacturer of frequency controls. Today, TXC's extensive product line includes crystal resonators, automotive crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW devices, and timing modules.

Over the years, TXC has earned a reputation for world-class technical support and quality assurance. More recently, however, they’ve also made a serious headway to helping preserve our environment through a number of eco-accomplishments, including an improved Clean & Dry Air (CDA) system and CO2 recovery system in 2008. In the future, TXC plans to cut CO2 emissions even further.

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