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Sumida Corporation

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5 minutes
ESMIT-4180 Isolation Shunt Transformers
Provide product details, including key features and specifications, and available types.
5 minutes
Power Products the SPM Series
Introduction to the Sumida SPM series non-isolated board mount point-of-load (POL) power modules.
10 minutes
Power Inductor Basics
Versatility is found via core material change, size change, and number of coil turns, allowing these uses filtering, timing, energy, and impedance matching.
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About Sumida Corporation

Sumida is one of the leading manufacturers of coils and wire wound electronic products. Sumida currently has over 31,000 products in its coil catalog, attesting to the diversity to which coil technology can be applied in the present day information age. All of Sumida's products are manufactured outside of Japan in various locations in the Asian region as well as in Mexico. This has allowed Sumida to keep costs to a minimum, spread risk, and increase response times.

Sumida components can be found in audio visual equipment, CD-ROM drives, DVD/MD products, modems, networking hardware, liquid crystal display monitors, computer peripherals, air conditioners, electronic automotive products such as Anti-Lock Braking Systems, and a plethora of other electronic devices. See the product section of our site for more on our extensive range.