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About Sensata Technologies – Airpax

Sensata Technologies develops and manufactures high-quality Airpax™ Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers and power switches to safeguard against electrical shock in a variety of applications and high-risk environments. Their vast array of Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Switches, GFCI/ELCI Modules, and Modular Distribution products, deliver consistent quality with a wide range of features and tailored solutions to meet your application requirements.

Airpax™ modular distribution systems provide unprecedented flexibility and unparalleled reliability with its “hot plug” modules that allow for equipment expansion without power shutdown. Protect valuable equipment and personnel with their high-quality solutions. The Sensata | Airpax broad portfolio includes highly configurable, customizable breaker families that offer stable trip performance, reliable operation, and high power density in an array of shapes and sizes to easily facilitate mechanical integration.

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