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Grove Shield for Raspberry Pi Pico Demo
New Product Discoveries Ep 309: Tactigon ONE and Seeed Odyssey
Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino – All-in-one Arduino Compatible Board with 10 Modules and 12 Projects
Wio Terminal – ATSAMD51 Core Dev Board with BLE 5.0 & Wi-Fi
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10 minutes
ODYSSEY - X86J4105 Win10 Mini PC Overview
Seeed's ODYSSEY - X86J4105, based on Intel® Celeron® J4105, is a quad-core, 1.5 GHz up to 2.5 GHz CPU that offers the features of a mini PC.
10 minutes
Sipeed MAIX for RISC-V
The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of the Sipeed MAIX series products. The tutorial will give an in-depth look at key features and application scenarios. It will also instruct users on how to get started, as well as discussing the benefits of developing with Sipeed MAIX.
10 minutes
GAPuino GAP8 Development Kit
Seeed Technology's GAPuino GAP8 development kit is a low-power processor enabling battery-operated artificial intelligence.
5 Minutes
Wio Link
This tutorial will give an in-depth look at the key features, application examples and it will discuss the benefits of developing with the Wio Link.
5 minutes
LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo and the LinkIt Smart 7688
This presentation will provide an overview of the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo and the LinkIt Smart 7688 features, customization options, design solutions and also discuss some application ideas.
5 minutes
ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0
Overview of ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0, including key features, application examples, and benefits of developing with this product.
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About Seeed

Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing open source products and services that empower developers to swiftly realize IoT projects. By partnering with world famous IoT ecosystem companies from hardware to cloud, Seeed offers a wide range of hardware platforms and sensor modules ready to be integrated with existing IoT platforms. It was founded in 2008 at Shenzhen - the world capital of electronics - and specialized in hardware innovation for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. After 10 years’ effort with Shenzhen’s extensive and flexible supply chain, seeed prides itself on the capability of agile manufacturing service and diversified customization service. With a scale of nearly 300 employees worldwide, Seeed now has 5 offices in China, Japan and United States.

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