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- Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials, leading edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules. Murata innovations can be found in a wide range of applications from mobile phones to home appliances, and automotive applications to energy management systems and healthcare devices.

SCA3300 Series MEMS Accelerometer

Image of Murata SCA3300 Series MEMS Accelerometer

Murata introduces the SCA3300 series high-performance, 3-axis MEMS accelerometers aimed at a broad range of industrial and automotive applications. Learn More

XRCGB-F-H Series Crystals

Image of Murata's XRCGB-F-H Series Crystals

Murata's XRCGB-F-H series crystals are 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm, high-accuracy crystal units for wireless devices. Learn More

EIA 0201 Size MLCCs

Image of Murata Electronics EIA 0201 Size Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors

Murata Electronics' EIA 0201 size MLCCs maintain stable performance characteristics while offering approximately 40% PCB space savings. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Murata and Electric Imp's IMP005 Wi-Fi Module

IMP005 Wi-Fi Module

Murata and Electric Imp’s innovative and powerful Internet of Things platform enables inventive commercial and industrial applications. Learn More

Image of Murata's LoRaWAN Wireless Module

LoRaWAN Wireless Module

Murata Power Solutions' cost-effective, small form factor LoRaWAN wireless module is capable of supporting a wide range of sensors in a wide range of applications. Learn More

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Microwave SWF Switch Connector Publish Date: 2008-06-13

'Murata Electronics' microwave SWF switch connectors measure only 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 mm and are designed to reliably test microwave frequencies throughout a product's development stage to final production.

LQM21P Series Multilayer Inductors Publish Date: 2008-06-19

To meet the growing inductor requirement for higher frequency switching DC-DC converter applications within mobile devices, Murata Electronics has released the LQM21P series.

BNX Series Block Style EMI Filter Publish Date: 2008-07-16

The Murata Electronics BNX series of DC power line EMI filters offers wide frequency noise suppression in a compact, low profile SMD design.

LQH2MC_52 Series Wire Wound Inductors Publish Date: 2008-08-31

Murata Electronics has released the LQH2MC series inductors for higher frequency switching DC-DC converter applications within new lower profile mobile devices.

Common Mode Choke Coils Publish Date: 2008-09-22

Murata Electronics' expanded line up of Common Mode Choke Coil EMI Filters offers wide-frequency noise suppression in compact, low-profile SMD designs.

Ultra-Small and Low ESL Capacitors Publish Date: 2008-12-18

Murata's ultra-small 01005 (GRM02) MLCC precisely control the material and process that determine the properties of electronic components.

Tools and Support

Image of Murata's SimSurfing Tool

SimSurfing Tool

SimSurfing Software provides an easy way to select Murata products. The tool allows comparison and selections by electrical spec and graph of the target product. Data is constantly updated with the latest simulation models and raw data. Learn More

Image of Murata's Selection Guide

EMI Suppression Filter and Chip Common Mode Choke Coils Selection Guide

Selection guides for both EMI Suppression Filters and Chip Common Mode Choke Coils. A convenient selection map to assist in choosing optimal Murata EMI Suppression Filters. Learn More

Image of Murata's Power Inductors

Selection Tool for Power Inductors

Selection guide for Murata’s metal alloy, multilayer, and wire wound power inductors. This tool simplifies the search for the extensive lineup of inductors available. Learn More

Image of Murata's RF Inductors

Selection Tool for RF Inductors

An easy to you selection guide for small, large, and automotive specific RF inductors. This guide allows selection based on intended application or the relationship between the size and Q characteristics. Learn More

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Gyro Combo Publish Date: 2010-01-19

Providing excellent performance for many high performance industrial applications that require environmental robustness, low noise, and very stable bias signal.

Duration: 5 minutes
Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Publish Date: 2011-11-02

ECAS capacitors have a resin molded case structure utilizing multilayer aluminum foil for the anode and solid conductive polymer for the negative cathode.

Duration: 15 minutes
PTC Overcurrent POSISTOR® Publish Date: 2011-11-02

Works effectively to protect ICs against circuit failures, prevents motor lock up, and protects LEDs in various power supply applications.

Duration: 10 minutes
Automotive Accelerometer Platform Publish Date: 2011-11-02

Murata's fully calibrated digital solution with advanced fail safe features, miniaturized size, and competitive pricing.

Duration: 10 minutes

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Murata Inductor Product Overview | Digi-Key Daily

Digi-Key Daily previews Murata's Inductors. Murata's Inductors are magnetically shielded and have a low DC resistance making them ideal for applications needing DC to DC conversion as well as other applications with high current and high frequency.

Murata's 220 mF Supercapacitor DMT Series | Digi-Key Daily

Murata's 220 mF DMT series supercapacitors have the industy's lowest resistance levels. In addition, they feature a 300 milliohm resistance, thickness of only 2.2 mm, and a wide operating temperature range.

SCA3300 Accelerometers Automotive qualified with advanced self diagnostics

The SCA3300 is based on state of the art MEMS technology. This accelerometer is automotive qualified and offers outstanding performance in noise, linearity, and stability.

Murata and Electric Imp imp005 Transceiver Module Breakout – Another Geek Moment

Pat, from Digi-Key Electronics, give a brief tutorial on setting up the imp005 breakout board from Murata and Electric Imp.

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