Global Specialties

- Global Specialties was founded in 1973 as a test and measurement company with a reputation for breadboarding systems for prototyping and education. Their test products include power supplies, decade boxes, electronic trainers, and much more with both quality and value in mind. The products we will carry from Global Specialties will add to and complement our current test and measurement products. Digi-Key will be able to offer Global Specialties products to hobbyists, students, teachers, and engineers for a wide variety of test and measurement applications.

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DL-030 Embedded Systems Design Trainer -- Overview

The DL-030 is an Embedded Systems Design Trainer which enables the user to custom design their own microprocessor using an FPGA.

1350 Triple Output Programmable DC Power Supply

The 1350 features programmable control via USB interface and microprocessor controlled circuits. The voltage and current are controlled by a 12-bit D/A converter with resolutions as high as 10 mV and 1 mA respectively.

LD 200P

The LD-200P is a programmable electronic load from Global Specialties. Compact & economically priced the LD-200P is at home both on the bench and the production floor.

Global Specialties R500 Robotic Caterpillar Overview

The Global Specialties R500 Robotic Caterpillar is a unique robot than moves and responds like a caterpillar. Retreating from object that touch its antenna and finding a new path.

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