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Image of Fluke's ii900 Industrial Sonic Imager

ii900 Industrial Sonic Imager

Fluke's ii900 imager with SoundSight™ technology allows technicians to isolate the sound frequency of air leaks and to filter out background noise.

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About Fluke Electronics

Fluke Corporation designs and manufactures the world's leading brand of test tools. The Fluke brand is synonymous with ruggedness, safety, ease of use, and rigid standards of quality. Fluke products are used to test and measure electrical signals, temperature, air quality and pressure.

From industrial electronic installation, maintenance, and service, to precision measurement and quality control, Fluke tools help keep businesses around the globe up and running. Typical customers and users include industrial technicians, electricians and engineers – people who stake their reputation on their tools, and use tools to help extend their personal power and abilities.