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Heavy Duty Promo

Amprobe Heavy Duty Promotion - February 24, 2020 through May 22, 2020

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About Amprobe

Amprobe Test Tools began in the late 1940's with its first patented product the Clamp-on Ammeter. Throughout these last 60 years, the Amprobe name has become synonymous with clamp-on meters and has since expanded its product offering to over 250 items.

Becoming an established leader in quality test equipment for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, and HVAC markets. Amprobe today offers a wide range of test equipment, as a preferred choice of professionals. Feature-rich products that include clamp-on ammeters, complete line of multimeters, HVAC measurement tools, power quality analyzers, electrical testers and wire/circuit tracers. Amprobe has expanded its focus to become a specialist in Power Quality (PQ) equipment, offering a full range of sophisticated equipment for field measuring and recording of PQ variables such as power, energy, harmonics, spikes, sags and surges.

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