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Designing a Power Factor Correction Circuit
How to Use Ametherm's Inrush Current Calculators
Calculating Thermistor Beta
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5 minutes
NTC Thermistor Inrush Current Limiter MM35-DIN Series
Overview of the MM35-DIN Series NTC Theristor Inrush Current Limiter, including applications, features, and educational information.
5 minutes
Glass Encapsulated DG Series NTC Thermistors
Educational information about glass encapsulated thermistors as well as a customer's guide for choosing the appropriate device for their application.
5 minutes
DC Inrush Current Limiter
This tutorial will help customers learn more about Inrush Current Limiters and which ones they will need for different applications.
10 minutes
NTC Thermistor Sensors
The presentation will provide an overview of NTC Thermistor Sensors and their applications.
5 minutes
Choosing NTC Thermistor for Inrush Current Limiting: Capacitive Applications
The selection of NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting on capacitive applications.
5 minutes
Battery Precharge Overview
Inrush current problems in battery circuits explained and a precharge circuit to limit inrush current with Ametherm Thermistor.
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About Ametherm

Ametherm is a leading manufacturer of Power Thermistors. Ametherm offers the highest rated steady state current rating as well as highest rated energy handling capability offered in the market. Their excellent long-term stability and rugged structure makes them ideally suited for limiting Inrush current in the motors (1/3 HP to 3.0 HP range), medical (Power supplies, MRI), Security systems (X-Ray machines), transformers (up to 8.0 KVA), telecom (Power supplies up to 4000 watt out put power) and motor drives, in the most cost effective method.