Tripp-Lite PDUs

How to Select a Tripp Lite PDU

Tripp Lite

Understand how to select a Tripp Lite power distribution unit. This presentation will explain the basic terms and concepts used to describe Tripp Lite PDUs and review the prescribed process of selecting the appropriate PDU for an application.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeMounting TypeCurrent - MaxAvailable QuantityView Details
8.6/12.6KW 3-PHASE VERTICAL PDUPDU3V518.6/12.6KW 3-PHASE VERTICAL PDUPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical20A1 - Immediate
54 - Factory Stock
View Details
7.4KW SINGLE-PHASE 230V ATS/MONIPDUMNH32HVAT7.4KW SINGLE-PHASE 230V ATS/MONIPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal32A0View Details
POWER STRIP 6OUT 15'CORD RACKRS-0615-RPOWER STRIP 6OUT 15'CORD RACKPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal15A14 - Immediate
342 - Factory Stock
View Details
PDU SWITCHED 120V 15A 8 OUTLETPDUMH15-RAPDU SWITCHED 120V 15A 8 OUTLETPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal15A2 - Immediate
126 - Factory Stock
View Details
PDU METERED 5-15/20R 12 OUTLETPDUMH20PDU METERED 5-15/20R 12 OUTLETPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal20A15 - Immediate
774 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIPPDUMV15-36POWER STRIPPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical15A7 - ImmediateView Details
POWER STRIPPDUMV20-24POWER STRIPPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical20A48 - Factory StockView Details
POWER STRIPPDUMV20-36POWER STRIPPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical20A0View Details
POWER STRIP 15A 6OUT 19RS-0615-FPOWER STRIP 15A 6OUT 19" RACKPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal15A16 - Immediate
1014 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIP 16OUT RACK AMMETERPDUMV15POWER STRIP 16OUT RACK AMMETERPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical15A6 - Immediate
330 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIP 20OUT 15'CORD RACKPDU1230POWER STRIP 20OUT 15'CORD RACKPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal30A1 - Immediate
606 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIP 40OUT 10'CORDS 65PDU40TDUALPOWER STRIP 40OUT 10'CORDS 65"PDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Vertical20A (2)6 - Immediate
246 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIP 15A 12OUT 19RS-1215POWER STRIP 15A 12OUT 19"RACKMNTPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal15A26 - Immediate
846 - Factory Stock
View Details
POWER STRIP 20A 12OUT 19RS1215-20POWER STRIP 20A 12OUT 19"RACKMNTPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal20A1 - Immediate
1356 - Factory Stock
View Details
PWR STRIP 12OUT R/A 19RS1215-RAPWR STRIP 12OUT R/A 19" RACK MNTPDU (Power Distribution Unit)Rack, Horizontal15A36 - Immediate
510 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2015-03-23