LMT Temp Sensors

Texas Instruments

This module will review LMT analog temp sensors from Texas Instruments. They are very accurate over a very wide temperature range and are very linear over both supply and temperature. They also have very low power consumption, are easy to design with, and use less real-estate. These features support getting to market quickly and easily.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensing Temperature - LocalSensing Temperature - RemoteAvailable Quantity
SENSOR ANALOG -55C-130C SC70-5LMT88DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -55C-130C SC70-5-55°C ~ 130°C-2851 - Immediate
143 - Factory Stock
View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5LMT84DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5-50°C ~ 150°C-4232 - ImmediateView Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5LMT85DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5-50°C ~ 150°C-3247 - ImmediateView Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5LMT87DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5-50°C ~ 150°C-6625 - ImmediateView Details
SENSOR ANALOG -55C-130C SC70-5LMT89DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -55C-130C SC70-5-55°C ~ 130°C-0View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -40C-125C SOT23-3LMT90DBZTSENSOR ANALOG -40C-125C SOT23-3-40°C ~ 125°C-189 - Immediate
7800 - Factory Stock
View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70LMT85QDCKTQ1SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-50°C ~ 150°C-1480 - Immediate
4380 - Factory Stock
View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70LMT86QDCKTQ1SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-50°C ~ 150°C-0View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5LMT86DCKTSENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-5-50°C ~ 150°C-0View Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70LMT84QDCKTQ1SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-50°C ~ 150°C-243 - ImmediateView Details
SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70LMT87QDCKTQ1SENSOR ANALOG -50C-150C SC70-50°C ~ 150°C-0View Details

Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSensor TypeSensing RangeInterfaceAvailable QuantityView Details
EVAL MODULE FOR LMT88-9LMT88-9EVMEVAL MODULE FOR LMT88-9Temperature-55°C ~ 130°CAnalog1 - ImmediateView Details
EVAL MODULE FOR LMT90LMT90EVMEVAL MODULE FOR LMT90Temperature-40°C ~ 125°CAnalog2 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2013-07-25