Board to Board Connectors

Board-to-Board Connectors

Samtec Inc

This tutorial will provide an overview of Samtec’s micro pitch board-to-board interconnects, the various types of contact systems available, and the features of benefits associated with these connectors.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusConnector TypeContact TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
CONN HEADER VERT 15POS 2.54MMHTSW-105-07-F-TCONN HEADER VERT 15POS 2.54MMActiveHeaderMale Pin0View Details
CONN HEADER VERT 20POS 2.54MMMTLW-110-07-G-D-170CONN HEADER VERT 20POS 2.54MMActiveHeaderMale Pin756 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2011-11-16