Molex's Milli-Grid™ 2.00 mm-Pitch Connectors

Milli-Grid 2.00 mm-Pitch Connectors

Molex Inc

This PTM will give an overview of what the Milli-Grid 2.00 mm pitch connector system has to offer.

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20503948051-02-G8-D2" PRE-CRIMP 3048 GREEN0View Details
20503948051-02-G82" PRE-CRIMP 3048 GREEN0View Details
20503948051-02-L6-D2" PRE-CRIMP 3049 BLUE0View Details
20503948051-02-L62" PRE-CRIMP 3049 BLUE0View Details
20503948051-02-L8-D2" PRE-CRIMP 3048 BLUE0View Details
20503948051-02-L82" PRE-CRIMP 3048 BLUE0View Details
20503948051-02-N6-D2" PRE-CRIMP 3049 BROWN0View Details
20503948051-02-N62" PRE-CRIMP 3049 BROWN0View Details
20503948051-02-N8-D2" PRE-CRIMP 3048 BROWN0View Details
20503948051-02-N82" PRE-CRIMP 3048 BROWN0View Details
PTM Published on: 2019-09-18