Varistor 212V 250A 2-SMD

Varistor UL1449 3rd Edition Safety Agency Update

Littelfuse Inc

This presentation will provide some details on changes to the UL 1449 standard, Implications for designing to the standard, and Littelfuse components that help design engineers to comply with standard. Littelfuse will present an overview of the 1449 3rd edition standard, show the changes from 2nd edition, cover key factors when designing to 3rd edition, and review Littelfuse products that will assist in complying with UL 1449.
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88500 - Factory Stock
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VARISTOR 240V 250A 2SMD NO LEADV240CH8VARISTOR 240V 250A 2SMD NO LEAD150V200V8033 - Immediate
4000 - Factory Stock
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VARISTOR 240V 250A 2SMD NO LEADV240CH8TVARISTOR 240V 250A 2SMD NO LEAD150V200V7098 - ImmediateView Details
VARISTOR 120V 250A 2SMD NO LEADV120CH8TVARISTOR 120V 250A 2SMD NO LEAD75V102V4420 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
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VARISTOR 510V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP320EVARISTOR 510V 10KA DISC 20MM320V420V4898 - ImmediateView Details
VARISTOR 240V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP150EVARISTOR 240V 10KA DISC 20MM150V200V883 - ImmediateView Details
VARISTOR 470V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP300EVARISTOR 470V 10KA DISC 20MM300V385V8358 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2012-08-31