Image of GE DLynx converter module

DLynx 2 Family of Non-isolated Converter Modules

ABB Embedded Power

The purpose of this presentation is to promote and educate Digi-Key customers on the value proposition of ABB Embedded Power's Dlynx 2 family of non-isolated converter modules. The objectives to be covered in this product training module are: to illustrate the Dlynx 2 modules by footprint and output current capability, training on the comprehensive ABB online design tool, the “Power Module Wizard”, coaching on how much output capacitance is required for applying the module to a specific application, how to ensure optimum stability with a completed design-in effort, and finally, a review of the PMBus protocol to receive digital information from the module or program the module for customized behavior.
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DC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.5VTJT120A0X3-SZDC DC CONVERTER 0.6-1.5V10View Details
PTM Published on: 2017-07-19