2051 Series GDT

2051 Series GDT

Bourns Inc.

This tutorial will provide an introduction on the Bourns 2051 series including features and benefits, target markets and applications, and part number nomenclature.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - DC Spark Over (Nom)Impulse Discharge Current (8/20µs)Available Quantity
GDT 400V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-40-SM-RPLFGDT 400V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT400V2000A (2kA)4503 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 90V 30% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-09-SM-RPLFGDT 90V 30% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT90V2000A (2kA)0View Details
GDT 150V 30% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-15-SM-RPLFGDT 150V 30% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT150V2000A (2kA)16917 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 600V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-60-SM-RPLFGDT 600V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT600V2000A (2kA)4205 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 200V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-20-SM-RPLFGDT 200V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT200V2000A (2kA)1519 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 230V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-23-SM-RPLFGDT 230V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT230V2000A (2kA)1772 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 300V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-30-SM-RPLFGDT 300V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT300V2000A (2kA)8961 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 420V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-42-SM-RPLFGDT 420V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT420V2000A (2kA)945 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 470V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-47-SM-RPLFGDT 470V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT470V2000A (2kA)15143 - ImmediateView Details
GDT 350V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT2051-35-SM-RPLFGDT 350V 25% 2KA SURFACE MOUNT350V2000A (2kA)7048 - ImmediateView Details
PTM Published on: 2011-06-20