TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo Stepper Motor Servo Controller

TRINAMIC's TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo extends the successful StepRockerâ„¢ family by a closed-loop stepper motor servo controller

Image of TRINAMIC Motion Control's TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo Stepper Motor Servo Controller TRINAMIC Motion Control extends its portfolio of TMCM embedded motor control modules. Following to the success of the TMCM-1110-StepRocker single axis board, the TMCM-1111-StepRocker-Servo is designed to be as easy to use as its sibling, but with additional closed-loop stepper motor servo functionality.

The board drives 2-phase bipolar stepper motors from 500 mARMS to 1.0 ARMS or from 1.1 ARMS to 2.8 ARMS selectable by jumpers. Utilizing TRINAMIC's highest performance stepper motor driver IC for external MOSFETs TMC262 and the dedicated closed-loop motion controller TMC4361, the TMCM-1111 is a cost- and energy-efficient stepper motor servo controller for stepper motors with a/b/n quadrature encoders. Ideal for liquid handling and handling sensitive goods, the S-ramp controller allows for precise and fast positioning.

The TMCM-1111 can be controlled via RS485 or USB serial interfaces (CAN retro-fit option) and is designed as open source hardware - schematics and layout are available for download. A simplified code project for the NXP Kinetis microcontroller including TRINAMIC's TMCL protocol can be downloaded as well. The credit card-sized board has dimensions of 85 mm x 55 mm.

  • Supply voltage +10 V to +30 V
  • Up to 2.8 ARMS motor current
  • S-shaped ramps
  • Closed-loop stepper operation
  • TMCL protocol
  • Open source hardware and software
  • dcStep™
  • chopSync™
  • stallGuard2™
  • coolStep™
  • spreadCycle™
Published: 2017-11-14