WEBENCH® Design Center

Get results faster with easy-to-use design tools that deliver custom results.

Use the popular TI WEBENCH® Designer tools to simultaneously compare the performance of multiple devices in multiple circuit requirements. Get instant access to the latest simulation models, parametric data and package information for power, lighting, and sensing applications. WEBENCH designer tools feature both fundamental tools for creating single-circuit designs and advanced tools for creating system-level designs.

The WEBENCH Optimizer Dial makes it easy to tune WEBENCH circuit-creation algorithms in minutes. Initial results are set for a balanced design solution with a focus on ease of design and a balance between small footprint and high efficiency. Review the output, turn the dial again, and instantly compare alternatives. The system values of the best design to meet your requirements are displayed beneath the Optimizer Dial.

  • Single-Circuit Design Tools
  • Advanced Hierarchical Design Tools
  • Model Simulation
  • Advanced Power

Single-Circuit Design Tools

TI Single-Circuit Design Tools Image

WEBENCH® Power Designer

The WEBENCH environment provides end-to-end power supply design and prototyping tools to create power supplies or converters to meet specific power supply design requirements. Define input voltage, output voltage, and output current for one power supply. Select between all possible complete solutions in seconds in the WEBENCH Visualizer interface. Use the WEBENCH Optimizer Dial to tune specific preferences.

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Advanced Hierarchical Design Tools

WEBENCH® Power Architect

Rapidly create, optimize, and implement multiple-output, high-performance DC-DC power supplies for an entire system. Define an input voltage source, list desired output voltage and current loads and the WEBENCH® Power Architect tool will collect the common loads and create a range of intermediate rail topologies and optimize each of the individual power supplies. Results are displayed at a system level to compare alternatives and select based on price, efficiency, and footprint.

  • Quickly design and simulate an entire power supply system
  • Easily configure the power supply load requirements for voltage and current
  • Optimize the overall footprint, efficiency, and BOM cost for the entire system
  • Perform electrical and thermal simulations

WEBENCH® System Power Architect

Easy-to-use WEBENCH design tools can help create isolated power systems with hot swap capability in minutes. WEBENCH System Power Architect delivers the robust design capability to build and optimize a complete power system from the edge of the card to the smallest point-of-load. Easily add hot swap protection and isolation to any system requiring multiple loads.

  • Drive multiple loads
  • Customize output voltages and load currents
  • More than 200 FPGAs and processors preconfigured with critical parameters
  • Add and configure custom loads to the system

Model Simulation

TINA-TI™ Spice Simulation Software

  • Easy-to-use, SPICE-based analog simulation program
  • Library of active and passive TI macromodels
  • Thousands of integrated models and circuits for amplifiers and switching power supply components

Download TINA-TI with SPICE models at ti.com/tina-ti.

Advanced Power

Advanced Options

For power supply designers who need more control over design and component features or would like to hit specific performance targets, the WEBENCH Advanced Options features provide a way to narrow down from many potential solutions to a few complex customized solutions faster.

Compensation Designer

If you have specific loop component requirements and want to nail your designs the first time around, Compensation Designer protects you from errors and enables you to quickly fix the design and still meet your loop needs. No more wasted time and effort.

Simulation Export

The WEBENCH Simulation Export feature exports WEBENCH power or filter fully custom designs to TINA-TI™ simulator, Altium® Designer and Cadence Allegro tools. Within seconds, your exported design is self-contained and has symbol, schematic, test bench and simulation settings — everything you need to simulate your design in your preferred CAD tools offline.

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